Uniform & Attire Guidelines

Proper attire is a safety issue when it comes to spotting a student in tumbling or giving proper correction to all dance students. In dance class, form fitting dance wear allows the instructor to make corrections in body lines and helps the student to achieve the proper techniques. All students are required to have the proper attire. To ensure uniformity we ask all students to wear our DL attire during classes while at the studio. Which will include but not limited to our DL branded T-Shirts, leotards, and other dancewear we have to offer, this is an important part of the performing arts industry. Uniform requirements are listed below by class type and can be ordered and purchased at our front desk.

Dancewear, Shoes, and Dance Bags:

Dance and Tumbling are much like sports, in that specific clothing and footwear is required. Please make sure your child wears cover-ups over their dance clothing when entering and exiting the studio. The life of dance shoes will increase considerably if only worn indoors/during class. Clearly label all belongings with your child’s name. It is a good idea for every student to have a dance bag to keep personal items in. Additional items for your dance bag should include hair bands, bobby pins, anti-perspirant, band aids, and a change of clothes.

Pre-School Classes: Ballet – Jazz – Tap – Kinder-Dance: Black DL branded leotard with pink transitional tights and pink hanami ballet shoes (purchased thru DL) for pre-ballet & kinder-dance. Tan transitional tights for jazz and tan jazz shoes (purchased thru DL) & tan transitional tights for tap and tan tap shoes (purchased thru DL) must be worn. Hair must be pulled back out of your face. Dance bags are recommended to carry shoes to classes. All dancewear and shoes must be purchased here at Dance Legacy to promote uniformity.

Tumbling Class: Black DL branded leotard with tan or pink transitional tights(optional). Hair must be pulled back out of face. Students are barefoot for this class. Shorts are optional as well.

Jazz Class: Black DL branded leotard with tan transitional tights or black DL branded leggings and jazz shoes (purchased thru DL)

Hip-Hop Class: DL branded T-shirt, shorts/sweats, clean tennis shoes.

Beginning – Inter/Adv Ballet Class: Black Dance Legacy leotard, pink transitional tights and pink hanami ballet shoes (purchased thru DL). Hair must be in a tight bun, use hair gel and hair spray to smooth hair. Warmups may be worn while warming up and removed after the barre portion of class.

Tap Class: Black Dance Legacy leotard, tan transitional tights, and tan tap shoes (purchased thru DL).

Boys Attire: Our boys wear our Dance Legacy branded T-shirt, black shorts or sweatpants, and black dance shoes for every style. *****See front desk for more information*****

Hair: All hair should be off the face. Long hair should be restrained and secured with elastic or hair bands.