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Caitlin Kennedy

Indianapolis Indiana

My daughter, Emma, absolutely LOVED taking ballet classes at dance legacy. Miss Mindy, her instructor, and the entire staff are so patient and kind to the little ones. We would have loved to stay for another year to try some of the other classes available but we are moving.

Jenna Grace Mac Killop

Indianapolis IN

We love our dance studio!! I can't believe how far my girls have grown as dancers during our first year as part of the DL family. Great technique, a wildly creative environment, wonderful teachers, supportive families. #DL4L

Suga O.

Indianapolis IN

The Best Dance Studio you could think of

Danielle K.

Indianapolis IN

Dance legacy is a special place for those who love dance. When I was younger I danced with everyone on staff weather we were team mates or they were my teaches. It was my second home. I only wish I could move back to indy so my daughter can follow in my foot steps and dance there too

Angela Phillips

Indianpolis IN

The Memories you will make at DL, are worth everything! This is a great studio with instructors who truly care about their students.

Kelly F.

Indianapolis IN

I have a 4 year old daughter and this is her first experience with dance / tumbling... She absolutely loves the people and the classes at Dance Legacy! I'd vote yes every year just because they've been so fantastic to me and my little girl this year! It takes a lot to get my little one engaged and they've accomplished that and more! I really believe in what Dance Legacy teaches and am proud to be a MOM of a Dance Legacy student!!!

Megan Dodson

Indianapolis IN

Have always been a great learning place. Not only has it taught me dance, but it has taught me many life lessons as well.


Indianapolis IN

My daughters have been dancing at this studio for 5 years and we have stayed because the teachers really care about the kids.

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