Welcome to Dance Legacy's Resources Page

At Dance Legacy, education is our number one priority. We've found that when students are encouraged to train their minds not just their bodies, they come into the class prepared for success. Here you can find our online ballet dictionary. Complete with common mistakes the dancer makes and why those errors are hindering their progress.

We pride ourselves in our history. Ballet has been around for a long time. We feel that giving students and parents a place to be able to look back and see just how far the art-form has come inspires. Allowing the next generation to guide the art-form in a good direction.

We will also be adding an ever growing video section. It's important that dancers are exposed to as many different dance styles as possible. Thanks to Youtube, it's never been easier for us as teachers to show selected pieces of art and display it to our students.

Dance is hard on the body, and treatments are often expensive or difficult to maintain. If you are struggling with muscular tightness there is relief. As it turns out one of the best tools to have in your dance bag is a tennis ball. We bought a bunch today, so please feel free to use as directed. http://www.prevention.com/fitness/fitness-tips/natural-pain-relief-tennis-ball

Ballet can be confusing, especially when you take into account that most of the vocabulary is in French. That's why we provide sources for our students and parents with all of the infromation they will need to come into the class prepared.  Check out this great source. http://ballethub.com/ballet-terms-dictionary/

For our budding choreographers, here is an introduction to the choreographic process. 


Wikipedia may not be good for everything, but this is a great source. Check out this monumental list of ballets ranging from the classics to more contemporary works. 


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