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The Legacy Vision:

It is our mission to provide professional Dance, and Tumbling Instruction, for all ages, levels, and fields of interest.

TO INSTILL confidence and self-esteem as an individual and as a member of the DL team.

TO REINFORCE healthy family values within our community in an environment that nurtures and supports each student.

TO INSPIRE and enrich the lives of our dancers in the fulfillment of their artistic and creative abilities.

TO GUIDE them with proper technique, style, and performance skills, with passion, enthusiasm and commitment.
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Welcome to Dance Legacy! 
Dance Legacy offers classes in, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and tumbling with emphases on fun and fitness for all. Our program also includes a competitive Dance Company for the more serious students. We have Special Programs such as Self Defense, Summer Day Camp and Performance Opportunities.

Our Students learn that dancing gives each person so much more than exercise. Dance is about the movement yes, but dance teaches us to be well rounded in all aspects of life. Not all of us will become professional dancers, but each of us can go on to succeed in life using the structure that dance has given us. The discipline, dedication, and hard work attitude translates into making better choices and having a better life.

Our personal philosophy is best defined in the “ABC’s of Achieving Your Dreams”, We hope this information will give you a better feeling of what Dance Legacy is all about. We want to encourage you to become a member of our Dance Legacy Family.

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